19-01-06| Cathy:The Meaning of Being a Martyr

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  • 2019-1月-06

证道经文:使徒行传 acts 7:48-60

[Acts 7:48] Howbeit the most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands; as saith the prophet,

[Acts 7:49] Heaven is my throne, and earth is my footstool: what house will ye build me? saith the Lord: or what is the place of my rest?

[Acts 7:50] Hath not my hand made all these things?

[Acts 7:51] Ye stiffnecked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, ye do always resist the Holy Ghost: as your fathers did, so do ye.

[Acts 7:52] Which of the prophets have not your fathers persecuted? and they have slain them which shewed before of the coming of the Just One; of whom ye have been now the betrayers and murderers:

[Acts 7:53] Who have received the law by the disposition of angels, and have not kept it.

[Acts 7:54] When they heard these things, they were cut to the heart, and they gnashed on him with their teeth.

[Acts 7:55] But he, being full of the Holy Ghost, looked up stedfastly into heaven, and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing on the right hand of God,

[Acts 7:56] And said, Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God.

[Acts 7:57] Then they cried out with a loud voice, and stopped their ears, and ran upon him with one accord,

[Acts 7:58] And cast him out of the city, and stoned him: and the witnesses laid down their clothes at a young man's feet, whose name was Saul.

[Acts 7:59] And they stoned Stephen, calling upon God, and saying, Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.

[Acts 7:60] And he kneeled down, and cried with a loud voice, Lord, lay not this sin to their charge. And when he had said this, he fell asleep.